The College community mourns the passing of Dr. Christopher Candlin

18 May 2015, 12:00 am

To our great sadness we have learned of the death on May 10th of Dr. Christopher Candlin, Senior Research Professor Emeritus at Macquarie University and Visiting Professor at Hellenic American University. An extraordinary scholar, gifted teacher and beloved mentor, Professor Candlin was, together with Dr. Basil Hatim, one of the architects of the Hellenic American University Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics, and returned each year to teach in the program.

Professor Candlin has also had a key role in setting up the upcoming International Conference on Europe in Discourse: Identity, Diversity, Borders, organized by Hellenic American University. Dr. Candlin will be dearly missed by his students, mentees, friends, and colleagues at Hellenic American University and Hellenic American College and remembered with great fondness and gratitude.