29 Jan 2020

Presentation by Christos-Panagiotis Somos entitled "Beyond Translating Words into Words: Translanguaging as a Means for Translating the Untranslatable"

Christos-Panagiotis Somos, Ph.D. candidate in Language and Communication

On Wednesday January 29th, a presentation by Christos-Panagiotis Somos, Ph.D. candidate in Language and Communication, entitled Beyond Translating Words into Words: Translanguaging as a Means for Translating the Untranslatable will be delivered at Hellenic American College.

The speaker mentions in his abstract:

“Translation often involves the re-contextualization of words whose cultural meanings have no equivalents in a target culture’s language. Consequently, the process of translation results in the partial erasure of a word’s culturally situated and highly contextual meaning. As a possible solution to this issue, we will argue for a broadening of textual translation practices through translanguaging, which promotes the full use of linguistic repertoires by merging linguistic with multimodal features. Specifically, we will use one of the few instances of multimodal translation to show how textual translations can be combined with other media to overcome the lexical limitations of text-to-text translations. This exploration will hopefully encourage translators to explore novel methods of multimodal translations that may be better suited for transmitting a word or text’s cultural and contextual meaning.”

The event is being held by the Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature, the Master of Arts in Translation and the PhD in Language and Communication programs of Hellenic American College/Hellenic American University.

Speaker’s Bionote: Christos Somos is a Ph.D. candidate in Language and Communication at the Hellenic American University. His research broadly focuses on the intersection between (non-lexical) language, identity, and power. He is currently researching how the multimodal discursive construction of gendered and disabled bodies in Japanese comics critically engage with, and purposefully resist, hegemonic heteronormative and ableist discourses in American superhero comics.


Date: Wednesday, January 29th, 2020, 17:00

Venue: Hellenic American College, 22 Massalias Street, Athens, 4th floor Conference room

Language: English

Reservation: Send email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Certificate of attendance: Yes

Admission fee: Free of charge