We think there are quite a number of excellent reasons to study at Hellenic American College, but these are the ones our students and faculty most often bring up, and the ones we’re most proud of:

  1. You will study in a supportive, student-centered learning environment with direct contact with your teachers and mentors.
  2. When you graduate you will receive an American university degree and have acquired the knowledge and professional competencies for a rewarding career.
  3. From your first semester with us until you graduate you will work with a Hellenic American University career development counselor who help you build a portfolio of skills and experience for future employment.
  4. You will be given support and resources to develop strong oral and written communications skills in English.
  5. You will be taught by an internationally trained faculty that is committed to excellence in teaching.
  6. You will be exposed to an intellectually engaging mix of perspectives and backgrounds represented in our diverse student body.
  7. You will be encouraged to creatively develop your own strengths and potential and at the same time guided to work effectively to address areas that need improvement.
  8. You will study in courses designed to develop the analytical, research, communication, and critical reasoning skills you will need for your career.
  9. You will have opportunities to discover and cultivate new interests and make lasting friendships.
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