Bachelor of Music (BM)

Bachelor of Music (BM)

Our Bachelor of Music program has a two fold focus on performance – in both classical and jazz music - and instruction in theory and composition. As a student in the Bachelor of Music program you will be given comprehensive training to achieve a level of performance expected of professional musicians.

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The Bachelor of Music (BM) Flyer

The Bachelor of Music (BM) Flyer

An American degree, a conservatory diploma

Hellenic American University’s strategic partnership with the Philippos Nakas Conservatory gives you the opportunity to earn a conservatory diploma in addition to your undergraduate degree in Music. And as a graduate of an accredited American university, you’ll be able to continue your studies in music at the graduate level at a university abroad.

Strengths of the BM Program

Developed in accordance with guidelines of the National Association of Schools of Music in the United States, the Bachelor of Music program has a balanced mix of professional music training and instruction in theory and composition. Program strengths include the following:

  • Concentrations available in composition, conducting, voice, piano or one of the string, wind and percussion instruments—in either classical or modern music.
  • Ability to earn a minor in areas such as Performance, Music Theory, Music History, Theater, and Sustainability.
  • A very flexible class schedule, with afternoon, evening and e-learning courses to accommodate students’ work schedules.
  • Special emphasis on Composition and Music Analysis.
  • Taught by a faculty of eminent musicians with international careers
  • Small-sized classes and committed faculty mentors means you’ll get individual attention to your needs and the opportunities to develop your particular talents and strengths, whatever your concentration.

BM Career Paths

The program provides a well-rounded education in which you not only acquire professional and artistic skills, but also develop character, intellectual breadth, social skills and self-confidence. You’ll acquire the credentials needed to build a career in fields of music composition, performance, and music education. You can start your career from the College Auditorium, as you will actively participate in music concerts and events. We will help you to promote your art here at the College and beyond, and create your future audience. You’ll also be prepared to continue your studies at the graduate level.

The program can also be complemented by coursework in the teaching of music, which will prepare you for a career as a music educator.

More about the BM program

You will need to complete a total of 121 credits: 40 credits in general education, 42 credits in the major core courses, 27-30 credit hours in the major, and 9-12 credits in music electives. Full-time students may complete the program in 8 semesters, while part-time students will need between 5 to 8 years to complete their degree, depending on the number of courses taken each semester. An academic year includes two semesters, each semester running for 15 weeks. Consult the Hellenic American University website for a detailed list and description of courses in the degree program.

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Students in the Bachelor of Music program can also select courses to earn a minor in one of several fields.

BM Recommended Minors

  • Minor in Music Performance 
  • Minor in Music Theory 
  • Minor in Music History 

Other minors are available in Theater, Sustainability, Psychology, General Business and other areas. Please consult the catalog for information on minors in other degree programs.

BM Performances

The BM offers you opportunities to participate in ongoing faculty-student performances or compositional projects.

You may complete your senior-year giving a recital of your own either as a performer or as a composer (or both!), and start your career from the Hellenic American College Theater!


On completing your studies for the Music degree, you will:

  • Achieve growth in artistry, technical skills, collaborative competence and knowledge of repertory.
  • Develop skills and competencies in the specialization of your choice.
  • Achieve the highest possible level of skill in the use of basic concepts, tools, techniques, and procedures to develop a composition from concept to a complete work.
  • Develop advanced performance skills in the major performing medium as a soloist or as a member of an ensemble.
  • Develop a portfolio of work you’ve done for projects during your studies (recitals or compositions) that demonstrates your skills, musicality and knowledge to future employers.
  • Develop excellent written and spoken communication skills in English, especially in the area of music.
  • Have the knowledge and skills to continue for graduate studies in the field.
Please see our page on Undergraduate Admissions for information on requirements for admission and information on how to apply.

What students and graduates say about the program

  • As a student of Music Composition (BM) at Hellenic American College, I had the honor to work in a vivid and meritocratic academic community, where my artistic output was welcomed and truly appreciated. I was able to acquire knowledge of excellent quality and redefine my responsibility as an artist. Hellenic American College is an institution of professionalism and respect for its students; I am very pleased to have been a part of its family.

    • Charalampos Risvas
    • Valedictorian BM ‘19
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