Bachelor of Arts in English Language & Literature (BAELL)

Bachelor of English Language and Literature (BAELL)

As a student in the Bachelor of Arts in English Language & Literature (BAELL) program, you will acquire skills in English-language teaching (TESOL) and pedagogy, as well as knowledge of trends in linguistics, critical analysis, translation studies, and English, American and world literature. The three strands of the program – TESOL, Linguistics, and Literature – each focus on different learning outcomes, but all can be applied to the wider market of language teaching and education. At the same time, you will develop skills in critical thinking and literary analysis that are part of the portfolio of qualifications for today’s well-rounded professional and informed graduate of the Liberal Arts.

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The Bachelor of Arts in English Language & Literature (BAELL) Flyer

The Bachelor of Arts in English Language & Literature (BAELL) Flyer

Strengths of the BAELL Program

The program offers solid theoretical grounding, research-based teaching & practice-based activities to improve your employability in an international marketplace. We focus on the individual student and have a passionate commitment to teaching—together with the varied range of courses you would find in larger institutions. Program strengths include the following:

  • A choice of three different areas of study in English Language and Anglophone Literature:
    • Linguistics (areas of concentration include discourse analysis and sociolinguistics)
    • Literature (areas of concentration include international literature, film studies, cultural theory, and creative writing)
    • TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages; methodologies and pedagogy)
  • Hellenic American University’s B.A. in English Language and Literature is the only undergraduate degree in Greece to include a program in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) that has been accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA). The CEA is recognized by the US Secretary of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency for English language programs and institutions.
  • A wide selection of electives such as Semiotics and Film, Language and Gender, The Short Story, Masterpieces of 20th Century Theater, Introduction to Psychology and Introduction to Translation Studies.
  • Exposure to faculty actively involved with research and with broad professional experience in their fields of expertise.
  • Faculty mentoring and personal support for your academic and professional development of each student.
  • The opportunity to earn internationally recognized professional certifications such as the TESOL Diploma.
  • Ability to earn a minor in areas such as Sustainability, Psychology, Theater, Translation or a double major in any of the University’s other degree programs.
  • A very flexible class schedule, with afternoon, evening and e-learning courses to accommodate students’ work schedules.
  • Opportunities to present student work in larger public forums such as the annual Student Research Conference.
  • Career counseling and networking opportunities through the Career Development Office during and after your studies.

BAELL Career Paths

The program provides a well-rounded education in which you not only acquire professional teaching skills, but also develop character, intellectual breadth, social skills and self-confidence. You’ll acquire the credentials needed to build a career in the fields of teaching (particularly for those in the TESOL strands), linguistics, and research in areas of cultural studies, translation and literature. You will also be prepared to continue your studies at the graduate level in one of the Master's or Ph.D. programs offered by the university.

BAELL Related Information

You will need to complete a total of 40 courses including a mandatory Practicum (121 credits) to earn a Bachelor of Arts in English Language & Literature degree. Full-time students may complete the program in 8 semesters, while part-time students will need between 5 to 8 years to complete their degree, depending on the number of courses taken each semester. An academic year includes two semesters, each semester running for 15 weeks. Consult the Hellenic American University website for a detailed list and description of courses in the degree program.

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In addition to the courses you take for the major in English Language and Literature you can select courses to earn a minor in one of several fields, as well as courses that will allow you to earn the Diploma in TESOL.

BAELL Recommended Minors

  • Minor in Sustainability 
  • Minor in Translation Studies 
  • Minor in Theatre 
  • Minor in Psychology

Please consult the catalog for information on minors in other degree programs.

Advanced Diploma in TESOL – Level 5

Students who complete the following four courses and pass the ETECT-LEVEL 5 (English Teaching Competency Test) are awarded the Advanced Diploma in TESOL – Level 5. See the University course catalog for a description of these courses.

  • Modern English Grammar/Language Awareness
  • Introduction to Methodology
  • Advanced Methodology
  • Practicum 1: TESOL
  • Educational Psychology

The Advanced Diploma in TESOL Level 5 can be taken full-time or part-time. Students can take 3 or 2 courses in the fall or spring semester to complete the program in one academic year. Students may take fewer courses per semester and complete the program in two academic years (or more). Courses are sequential and students may consult the academic calendar and their mentor in order to create a study plan. Students who fail the ETECT examination can retake the exam during the next two administrations. If they fail again, they are not allowed to retake the exam and they are not awarded the Advanced Diploma in TESOL Level 5.


On completing your studies for the English Language and Literature degree, you will be able to:

  • Communicate in English at a near-native level of proficiency.
  • Appreciate the importance of cross-cultural understanding in language usage.
  • Employ a variety of library and online sources when doing research in English language and literature.
  • Demonstrate awareness of the principles of language teaching, with a focus on communication and linguistic competence and pedagogical practices (TESOL).
  • Engage in linguistic analysis that takes into account the structural and contextual factors that shape meaning and culture.
  • Have the knowledge and skills to continue for graduate studies in the field of English language and literature and those fields related to English language and literature.

BAELL Research & Hands-On Learning

The BAELL degree offers you opportunities to participate in faculty-student research projects and (for TESOL candidates) in-class teaching and curriculum development planning. You complete a senior-year Practicum in an area related to one of the three strands in the BAELL program, such as data-mining projects (linguistics); literary analysis (literature), and teacher-training projects (TESOL). You can also choose to complete two Practicums (e.g. TESOL and Linguistics or Literature), which would give you expertise in more than one of the three BAELL concentrations.

Please see our page on Undergraduate Admissions for information on requirements for admission and information on how to apply.

What students and graduates say about the program

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Hellenic American College and I have gained a lot, academically and personally. The BAELL program is welcoming and encourages students to achieve their full potential. I found the lectures stimulating and up-to-date, and the classroom environment highly conducive to learning. The instructors are friendly, supportive, and always available to listen to your concerns and help you. Generally, the HAEC community has great vibes and aims at aiding its students in the best way possible.

    • Margarita Kyritsi
    • BAELL ‘20
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