2017 Aviation and Flight Academy

26 July 2017, 12:00 am

The 2017 summer session of the Hellenic American University’s Aviation and Flight Academy, which is offered to high-school students in Greece through Hellenic American College, has come to a successful close. Through the program, the Academy’s ‘young aviators’ had the chance to learn about the science and operations of aviation and flight and to experience first-hand what it’s like to work in various aviation professions. The courses were taught by a team of experts that included aviation executives and managers, consultants, researchers and flight instructors.

This year’s program, which was held in Athens June 26-July 14, 2017, saw an increase in the number of both students and instructors over the previous year, as well as the introduction of separate courses at the beginners’ and more advanced levels. The introduction course, Aviation Fundamentals, provided students with a solid foundation in the history and scientific principles of aviation and flight, as well as an overview of the industry and the infrastructure for air transportation. The advanced course focused on global aviation management and operations, covering topics such air traffic management, airport operations and safety, environmental management and air accident investigation.

Both courses were designed so that each topic included a day of in-class theoretical work and another day with practical, on-site learning. The Aviation Fundamentals course, for example, included field trips to the Airforce Museum and the Hellenic Air Force Academy at Tatoi Airport, and on-site sessions at Athens International Airport for topics such as airport ground operations and air traffic management, and at Megara General Aviation. The course ended with students’ taking a free discovery flight courtesy of Global Aviation. Students in the advanced course did their practicums at the two airports as well.

This year’s courses were made possible by a grant from Athens International Airport and organized with the support of Aegean Airlines, and Global Aviation, as well as the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority, the Hellenic Air Force, the Air Accident Investigation and Aviation Safety Board, and the AIA Fire Service.