Full Stack Developer

Full stack developers are able to develop software packages and web applications that cover all layers of development. They have the knowledge and experience to understand an idea / project and to transform it to a final product.

The Full Stack Developer Academic Program aims to familiarize students with basic programming concepts as well as with the development of databases and their connection with applications. It helps students obtain experience in the design and development of front – end and back end web applications, as well as in the development of complete web applications in middleware layer.

Students that complete the program will have created their own portfolio of applications and will be able to apply for and claim junior developer and android developer positions in any company. Within the program, they will familiarize themselves with programming languages, the design and development of web applications in regards to front end and middleware (HTML5, CSS3, javascript, jquery, responsive design), as well as with the design, administration and linking of data bases (MySQL, Tomcat, Wildfly). They will learn Java programming by professional instructors and will develop Android applications using Java and Android studio. Trainees will develop essential tools for the architecture, development, and promotion of their Android apps as well as the Google Play Store registration procedure.

Detailed Curriculum

The program is taught in 3 courses and lasts for a full academic year (180 hours). It focuses on practical and hands – on sessions using numerous software tools.

Course 1: Java Essentials

A course for total beginners with no programming experience!
Basic computational thinking skills is a plus but will be delivered throughout the course.


  • Object-oriented programming and applications in Java
  • Creating your first java program
  • Building your first application
  • Creating user interfaces in Java
  • Writing business logic in servlets
  • Reading and writing files
  • Connecting and interacting with databases

Course 2: Building Mobile Applications for Android

Pre-requisite: basic Java knowledge or successful completion of Course 1.
The course targets junior developers with basic Java knowledge that want to complete a re-skilling process and start developing mobile applications.


  • Thinking mobile-first: Design mobile application!
  • The Android eco-system. Building on Java.
  • Create professional level user screens with material design
  • Interact with the world using REST web services
  • Keep your data local with SQLite
  • Develop with patterns: using MVC

Course 3: Building Web Applications – Full Stack Developer

Pre-requisite: basic Java knowledge or successful completion of Course 1.
The course targets junior developers with basic Java knowledge who want to enter the enterprise world by developing high-end web applications in Java Enterprise Edition.


  • How do I deliver a solution to my client?
  • Frontend engineer: making the software look good!
  • Backend engineer: translating business into algorithms and maintaining the data.
  • System administrator: how do I deploy my solution?
  • Indicative Tools / Technologies used: Java EE, HTML, Javascript (AngularJS, NodeJS), MySQL DB, Apache Tomcat.


Instruction Languages EL, EN
Prerequisites Intermediate-level (B2) knowledge of English, basic computer skills
Who should attend high school or university graduates, professionals
Certificate of Attendance Yes
Offered online Yes


Days and Hours Start Date End Date Hours per Week
Monday & Wednesday, 19:00 - 22:00 06/11/2023 08/07/2024 6
Monday & Wednesday, 19:00 - 22:00 22/01/2024 16/10/2024 6