MBA students
MBA students

The Hellenic American University MBA program offers more than a degree. It’s an investment that will change the way you think, manage and do business.

From the very start and throughout your studies, the MBA program cultivates an entrepreneurial mindset and the ability to manage change and foster innovation. Built into each course are hands-on projects that develop the business skills needed in today’s highly volatile international business environment—whether you’re managing a business unit or your own company.

The MBA program can be done entirely online.

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The Master of Business Administration (MBA) Flyer

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) Flyer

Strengths of the MBA Program

Designed in accordance with international standards of business education the MBA cultivates entrepreneurial strategic thinking within the context of an information-driven business world. You acquire a robust theoretical foundation and practical learning in core disciplines such as operations, accounting, strategic HR management, and managerial finance but with a focus on managing and promoting innovation. At the same time you’ll acquire the technical skills and digital competencies needed for data-driven decision-making. As you work through the program you will develop leadership, team-building, and analytical skills through team-taught strategy-focused interdisciplinary seminars that also strengthen your research and communication skills.

The MBA program offers you the opportunity to:

  • obtain Certificates in Digital Marketing, Operational Excellence, People Management, and Management Information Systems.
  • attend MBA courses at Hellenic American University in Nashua (New Hampshire, US);
  • develop leadership, team-building, and analytical skills through team-taught strategy-focused interdisciplinary seminars that also strengthen your research and communication skills.

Other MBA program strengths include:

  • A flexible schedule that includes evening courses and the opportunity to do some of your courses online.
  • Real-time case projects developed in cooperation with actual SMEs and business networks.
  • Wide variety of electives such as Branding and Communications, Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management, Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management, and Decision Support Systems.
  • Faculty mentoring and personal support for your academic and professional development.
  • Opportunity to conduct research fieldwork in real-life business case projects.

Hellenic American University is an Educational Member of the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE).

IACBE Educational Member

The MBA Program Online

The MBA program can be done entirely online in a richly engaging and supporting environment. As a student in the program you’ll have:

  • Live interactive video sessions every week with your instructor and fellow students. Since classes are small, everyone has numerous opportunities to participate and receive personal attention.
  • A learning platform that’s easy to use and comes with a variety of interactive tools including vlogs and discussion forums. These tools help you share your ideas, experience and insights with other students and your instructor.
  • Individualized support from your faculty mentor and tech support from a Help Desk.

More about the MBA

Program Structure

You will need to complete a total of 11 courses and a Capstone Project to earn a Master of Business Administration degree. Full-time students may complete the program in two years, while part-time students will need 3 years to complete their degree, depending on the number of courses they commit to in each semester. An academic year includes two semesters, each semester running for 15 weeks. Consult the Hellenic American University website for a detailed list and description of courses in the degree program.

What students and graduates say about the program

  • Three years later, after completing my studies, I feel honored and excited! Not only because of the knowledge and skills that I acquired throughout those years, but especially because of something I hadn’t thought about when I was applying for the MBA and that is the human factor – my instructors, the university’s faculty with its academic excellence, people that I had the pleasure to meet with and be influenced by. You can strengthen your skills and knowledge in various institutions – but the overall guidance, help and inspiration that I earned at the side of Hellenic American University’s faculty is the most valuable asset that I took with me when graduating, and it’s priceless and irreplaceable.

    • Gavriil-Nikolaos Adamopoulos
    • MBA ‘19
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