The program is suitable for candidates who wish to pursue a professional career in the fields of mental health and counseling services. The program is accredited by the European Association of Counseling and the Hellenic Association of Counseling.

More about the CMHC Program

About the Program

The Clinical Mental Health Counseling concentration of the Master of Science in Psychology will provide you with the knowledge and skills to offer efficient counseling and psychotherapy services. The program, which meets the requirements for recognition from the Hellenic Association of Counseling and the Εuropean Association of Counseling, seamlessly combines course work and a research-based thesis project with 600 hours of supervised counseling and clinical practice. The program will enable you to develop a comprehensive set of assessment, research and counseling skills.

The practicum is an excellent opportunity for you to apply theoretical knowledge which you will gain in courses such as Developmental Psychology and Psychopathology and in your training of use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy skills under the supervision of a faculty member and an on-site supervisor. As a trainee, you will also receive one-on-one support from your faculty mentor throughout your studies.

Strengths of the CMHC program

  • The program meets the requirements for recognition from the Hellenic Association of Counseling and the European Association for Counseling. You will gain accreditation as Mental Health Counselor upon completion of the program requirements.
  • The 600 hours of supervised counseling and clinical practice will offer you as a trainee the necessary practicum experience on counseling practice, use of skills, ethical boundaries and other essential components of a high-professional-standards mental health counselor. You will have the opportunity to choose to fulfil your internship requirements at the University Counseling Center or other clinical and counseling mental health settings.
  • The instructors and supervisors in the program are doctoral-level scholars and practitioners of various disciplines with extensive experience in counseling and psychotherapy.
  • In adherence to the scholar-practitioner model, you are trained and expected to incorporate research into practice by being informed on current developments as well as apply clinical quantitative and qualitative research for your thesis
  • The program schedule offers online courses in addition to regular courses.