Master of Arts in Translation (MAT)
MA in Translation

As a student in the MA in Translation you will become proficient in translating a broad variety of texts and master the tools and methodologies required to pursue a successful career in the translation industry or the Creative Industries. Combining rigorous translation training with a well-rounded education in translation theory, the program will help you acquire the analytical and technical skills, as well as linguistic and cultural competence that will be asked of you as a professional translator.

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The Master of Arts in Translation (MAT) Flyer

The Master of Arts in Translation (MAT) Flyer

Strengths of the MAT Program

Our program reflects current and emerging professional practices in the field, as well as latest EU directives and practices regarding the translation industry. The MA in Translation has been also selected by the OPTIMALE research group (Optimizing Professional Translator Training in a Multilingual Europe) as a partner program for a research project on mapping emerging translation practices and trends throughout Europe. Program strengths include the following:

  • Committed faculty who are teachers, researchers and professional translators
  • Extensive practice on a wide range of texts such as technical, business, legal, EU texts and fiction
  • Hands-on experience in Computer-Assisted Translation, Community Interpreting and Audiovisual Translation
  • Option to specialize in the Creative Industries
  • Small class size that ensures individual attention from your instructors
  • Attention to terminology and terminography as an integral part of the translation competence
  • Integrated approach to your professional development, including attention to technical skills, language proficiency, professional ethics and project management skills
  • Strong links with the translation industry and class visits from project managers of translation firms
  • Cooperation with the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament on terminology projects
  • Member of the SDL University Partnership program with access to SDL technologies certifications
  • Faculty mentoring and personal support for your academic and professional development.

MAT Career Paths

As a graduate of the program, you’ll acquire the credentials needed to begin a career in the fields of translation, audiovisual translation and editing. Also, you can specialize in the Creative Industries and dynamically enter the world of audiovisual translation, gaming localization or translation for museums or advertising companies. You can reasonably expect to be employed as a freelance or in-house translator in translation agencies, multinational companies, law firms both in the public and private sector. Also, you can pursue a career in audiovisual companies and the media industry as well as in publishing houses. You can also participate in all EU calls for translation personnel (through EPSO).

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As a student and graduate of the MAT program you will benefit from important cooperations with translation agencies such as PASPARTU, ORCO and INTERTRANSLATIONS.

Deluxe Localization logo Career paths in audiovisual translation in industry-leading multinational companies such as DELUXE LOCALIZATION.

More about the MAT Program

Program Structure

You will need to complete a total of 11 courses plus a Thesis to earn the Master of Arts in Translation [MAT] or a Master of Arts in Translation with a specialization in the Creative Industries. The duration of the program is 12 months (full-time) or 16 months (part-time). An academic year includes two semesters, each semester running for 15 weeks. Successful completion of the MAT program requires a total of 36 credits: Core Curriculum (33 credits / 11 courses) and Thesis (3 credits). Consult the Hellenic American University website for a detailed list and description of courses in the degree program.

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What students and graduates say about the program

  • The program exceeded my expectations. The courses were very well-organized and the classes thoroughly prepared, with a variety of material that provided the necessary theoretical foundation even for those unfamiliar with the academic content. My instructors and mentor were always there to answer questions and help. From a professional perspective, the course helped me develop my writing skills in English and gave me clear guidance on translation strategies for daily professional problems. I can honestly say that it is a worthwhile experience and would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in the translation profession.

    • Eleni Svoronou
    • MAT ’20
    • Lawyer
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