This course will help you to systematically prepare for the Institute of Linguists Examinations for the Diploma in Translation. During the course, you will analyze and translate past papers. Special attention is given to:

  • the assumed readership of both the original and the translated text
  • identifying the translation difficulties within the text
  • familiarizing with the techniques for addressing these translation difficulties
  • the methodology for rendering Source-text meanings in the target language
  • the text-specific register

This course is not a translation course per se: it assumes that you have already reached a sufficient level of skill and expertise to demonstrate your professionalism in translation and to handle the kind of difficulties in the texts that you will encounter on the examination.

During the course you will analyze and translate texts from a variety of fields and gain experience in dealing with the time constraints of the examinations. More specifically:

Paper 1

  • translation of texts of general content not including specialized vocabulary

Paper 2 – texts from the following fields:

  • Technology
  • Business
  • Literature

Paper 3 – texts from the following fields:

  • Science
  • Social Science
  • Law


This course is open to students who have successfully completed the Two-Year Program in General-Specialized Translation at Hellenic American Collge or translation programs of other Translation Schools of equivalent stature. This course is also suitable for experienced translators who wish to acquire a Diploma in Translation. If you are a professional translator but haven’t graduated from a translation course, you may register after taking a placement test and giving a personal interview.

Examinations for the Diploma in Translation

The examinations last a total of 7 hours and are administered in January each year at official examination centers, including the Hellenic American Union. HAU offers guidance in the application completion process as well as computer labs and personal workstations for all candidates.

Academic advancement

The Diploma in Translation of the Chartered Institute of Linguists is a post-graduate certificate and, under certain conditions, allows you to continue your studies at a Master’s level.


Prerequisites High school diploma, knowledge of English at a Proficiency level,
Greek mother-tongue or Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages
Who should attend For those who wish to work as translators and/or
obtain an internationally recognized professional certificate
Certificate of Attendance Yes
Offered Online Yes