Programming with Python

With this program split in two parts (courses), starting from an entry level introduction, with little to no prior programming experience required other than computer literacy, the student can learn the basics of programming in python.

This is done using a coding-bootcamp approach, with more than 80% of the course being hands-on practical work coached by some of the most experienced instructors.

The programming enthusiast will exit the combination of two sub-programs as a junior python developer, that will be able to deliver small to mid-complexity applications, participate in development teams or further experiment with the toolset provided. Moreover, a publicly available project per-team will be committed in a relevant repository (github repo) to act as tangible proof enriching the students CV.

The market can absorb such candidates in various junior software engineering positions and/or data scientists provided that Python is the backbone of many data analytics activities.

Detailed Curriculum

The program is taught in 2 courses and lasts for approximately 4 months (90 hours). It focuses on practical and hands – on sessions using numerous software tools.

Course 1: Introduction to programming with Python

The course is introductory, and anyone can attend regardless previous programming experience with Python. Basic computational thinking skills is a plus but will be delivered throughout the course.


  • Introduction to the course: Basic concepts
  • Variables, data types & basic operators
  • Working with strings, type casting, formatting
  • Type casting, Boolean operators & expressions
  • Control Flow: Loops
  • Control Flow: Conditional Statements
  • Data Collection: Lists
  • Data Collections: Tuples
  • Data Collections: Dictionaries
  • Functions
  • Code debugging with PyCharm
  • On site group project

Course 2: Advanced topics in python

The course covers more advanced topics (object-oriented programming, data management and the web) and requires successful completion of Course 1.


  • Python crash course
  • Advanced String topics
  • Importing Modules
  • Modules and Packages, Virtual Environments
  • Exceptions
  • I/O Operations: Reading and Writing files
  • Lambdas
  • Object Oriented design with Python
  • Inheritance
  • Working with classes and instances
  • From the console to the Web
  • On site group project



Instruction Languages EL, EN
Prerequisites Intermediate-level (B2) knowledge of English, basic computer skills
Who should attend high school or university graduates, professionals
Certificate of Attendance Yes
Offered online Yes
Certifications PCEP – Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer
PCAP – Certified Associate in Python Programming


Days and HoursStart DateEnd DateHours per Week
 Tuesday & Thursday, 19:00-22:00 24/10/2023 20/02/2024