RHCSA is a 160-hour program divided in two parts RH 124 and RH 134. Each part consists of workbooks, lessons, discussion material, exercises, assessments, class managed tools and live lab exams.

RHCSA Detailed curriculum

RH 124: Red Hat System Administration I

You will learn to be effective users of Linux systems, acquiring skills and understanding of:

  • Accessing the Command Line
  • Managing Files From the Command Line
  • Getting Help in Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Creating, Viewing, and Editing Text Files
  • Managing Local Linux Users and Groups
  • Controlling Access to Files with Linux File System Permissions
  • Monitoring and Managing Linux Processes
  • Controlling Services and Daemons
  • Configuring and Securing OpenSSH Service
  • Analyzing and Storing Logs
  • Managing Red Hat Enterprise Linux Networking
  • Archiving and Copying Files Between Systems
  • Installing and Updating Software Packages
  • Accessing Linux File Systems
  • Using Virtualized Systems
  • Comprehensive Review

RH 134: Red Hat System Administration II

You will learn to be effective administrators of Linux systems, mastering tasks such as:

  • Automating Installation with Kickstart
  • Using Regular Expressions with grep
  • Creating and Editing Text Files with vim
  • Scheduling Future Linux Tasks
  • Managing Priority of Linux Processes
  • Controlling Access to Files with Access Control Lists (ACLs)
  • Managing SELinux Security
  • Connecting to Network-defined Users and Groups
  • Adding Disks, Partitions, and File Systems to a Linux System
  • Managing Logical Volume Management (LVM) Storage
  • Accessing Network Storage with Network File System (NFS)
  • Accessing Network Storage with SMB
  • Controlling and Troubleshooting the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Boot Process
  • Limiting Network Communication with firewalld
  • Comprehensive Review of System Administration II

RHCSA certification indicates that you have passed a realistic performance-based lab exam that tests your ability to:

  • install and configure Red Hat Linux
  • understand limitations of hardware
  • configure basic networking and file systems for a single system attached to a network
  • configure the X Window System
  • perform essential Red Hat Linux system administration
  • configure basic host security
  • set up client-side networking services required to attach to a production network
  • carry out basic diagnostics and troubleshooting

Free seminars / workshops

After completing the RHCSA academy program, our students can attend the following seminars and workshops free of charge:

Apache Web Server

  • Install and configure Apache web server
  • Virtual hosts
  • Improve Apache security
  • Configuring https

MariaDB (MySQL)

  • Install MariaDB
  • Creating databases and tables
  • Configuring permissions
  • Backup and restore MariaDB


  • Introduction to Ansible
  • Creating Inventories
  • Writing and implementing playbooks


Instruction Languages EL, EN
Prerequisites Intermediate-level (B2) knowledge of English, basic computer skills
Who should attend high school, students or university graduates
Certificate of Attendance Yes
Certification Track RHCSA
Offered Online Yes
Partner Institution RED HAT


Days and Hours Start Date End Date Hours per Week
 Monday & Wednesday, 18:00 - 22:00 09/10/2023 06/03/2024 8