Research is an integral part of the learning experience at Hellenic American College. Students in both the undergraduate and the graduate programs, whatever their major, will be asked to do original research at various points during their education. For the faculty who teach in Hellenic American University degree programs, research is also a core activity. From applied linguistics and psychology to computer science and photonics, the faculty’s expertise spans a broad range of scientific fields and seeks to expand knowledge and promote innovation.

Faculty and students in Hellenic American University degree programs can receive assistance in achieving their research goals from the services of the University Research Institute at Hellenic American University. As part of its mission, the Research Institute:

  • promotes extroversion and scientific collaborations with external partners.
  • informs faculty about funding calls and consulting on the proposal preparation.
  • disseminate and promotes the research conducted at Hellenic American University;
  • organizes conferences, colloquia and invited talks hosted by the University;
  • suggests long-term research plans and strategies to the University.

The sections below provide an overview of Hellenic American University faculty research projects and publications, organized by division: