STEM Summer Camp for Kids

An all-day, week-long enrichment program for kids 6 to 12 years old 

The STEM Summer Camp for Kids is a unique chance for young learners to explore the world of robotics and engineering in a creative, enjoyable and pressure-free way. Kids gain an understanding of essential concepts in the field through hands-on, group activities that focus on solving real-world problems and foster interaction and cooperation among students.

The STEM Summer Camp for Kids offers programs for two different age groups:

Course Schedule

Each program runs for one week, Monday through Friday, 8:45 – 17:00.  Choose the week that best suits your needs:

  • June 24 - June 28
  • July 1 - July 5

Young Engineers [6 – 9 years old]

Students become familiar with basic concepts in engineering and physics such as speed, power, torque and friction by working together to build things. Using LEGO blocks and under the guidance of their instructors, they assemble pulleys, sprockets, wheels and other components into simple machines. Specially designed worksheets allow students to easily verify what they have learned.

Introduction to Robotics Training with LEGO WeDo [10 – 12 years old]

Working with the popular LEGO WeDo kit, students use LEGO bricks to construct their own robotic adventure hero and give it “life” and mobility with the Scratch coding language and a programmable hub. Participants gain an understanding of the engineering process (design and construction), sharpen their problem-solving abilities and develop basic programming skills.

Typical Daily Schedule

08:45-09:30: Welcome-Attendance

09:30-11:00: Educational Activity (Competition on Friday)

11:00-11:30: Break

11:30-13:00: Educational Activity (Competition on Friday)

13:00-13:30: Break

13:30-14:30: Creative Activity (Project Presentation on Friday)

14:30-16:00: Movie viewing

16:00-17:00: Dismissal – Children supervised by STEM Education staff members