Library | Borrowing Books and Other Policies

Our main collection comprises over 35.000 titles, both fiction and non-fiction, organized with Dewey’s Classification System

The Library’s primary goal is to make information available to its users. This can only be achieved when circulation is conducted efficiently and users following regulations on borrowing material. For a more detailed description of the Library’s policies, please, refer to the General Library Policies.

The Library welcomes all types of users and allows them to use and borrow all kinds of information resources. However, some categories of materials cannot be borrowed (reference collections, special collections, books on reserve, etc.), and can only be used on Library premises.

The general loan period is 20 days. You can renew borrowed material for another 20 days. You will be charged a fine if you return the book beyond this period.

The fine for delays is €0.50 euro per day for the first 10 days, and then €10 per day for each day thereafter.

You are responsible for the safe and prompt return of all resources to the Library (The Library is not responsible for reminding users of delays). The date on which the book must be returned by is written on a note in the back of the book.

If you are student, you may borrow up to 4 books (faculty may borrow up to 6) at any given moment.

If you lose the book, you must replace the exact edition that was lost, or, if that is not possible (i.e. if the book is out of print), pay the Library an amount of money equal to the current value of the publication.

The Library reserves the right to ask of a user to return a borrowed book to the Library, even if the regular loan period has not ended, in case of emergencies. In such cases, you will be given a 3 days’ notice to return the book.

The Library has the right to revoke any or all user rights from anyone that does not respect or abide by the Library Policy.

Library Conduct Policy

All Library visitors and users need to follow the Library’s conduct policy that ensures that the Library offers all patrons access to a wide array of library materials in their entirety and in unmarked condition, and an atmosphere conducive to study and research.

Please, refer to the Library Policies Handbook for more specific details.