HAEC | Student Success

As a student at Hellenic American College, you will have the support and resources to do well in your studies and prepare effectively for your future career.

Resources for your academic and professional success

At the start of your program, you’re assigned a faculty advisor, who will serve as your mentor throughout your studies. The mentor works closely with you as you plan and develop your educational and career goals and helps you address any problems that might affect your academic performance.

At the Writing Center you will find one-on-one guidance for your written assignments. If you need help building study skills or preparing for classes, the Academic Center for the Enrichment of Students (ACES) can arrange to get you help from a peer tutor. And from your first year of studies, you’ll work with a career counselor to develop your own personalized career plan. If at any time you find yourself struggling with a personal or academic problem, you can receive confidential and specialized psychological support at the Hellenic American College Counseling Center.

Further opportunities for personal and professional development

These services are complemented by a broad range of co-curricular activities to enrich learning, foster communication and leadership skills and enhance your employability. These activities include clubs such as the Toastmasters and the Psychology Club, student participation in national and regional competitions, and presentations at research conferences. Student government is another opportunity for co-curricular learning. The five members of the Student Council are elected by their peers to represent and advocate for student concerns in the framework of University governance.