Mentoring is an important part of the Hellenic American College experience. When you are admitted to the College, you are assigned a faculty mentor (advisor), whenever possible from your chosen discipline.

The mentor works closely with you as you clarify, plan and develop your educational and career goals. The mentor then helps you identify academic competencies that you need to acquire or enhance in order to meet these objectives. As you progress through your studies, your mentor will recognize and help you address problems that might affect your academic performance.

Your mentor will also serve as a resource person to help you become more aware of the full range of campus programs and services, and to refer you to the appropriate campus support services when needed.

Since the college places great emphasis on students becoming autonomous, lifelong learners, you are expected to take responsibility for and manage your own learning process. Mentoring, too, is part of this process and for it to work, you’ll need to take an active part in this relationship.