The Tutor Training Program gives trainees the knowledge and practical experience to tutor students in written English. The program is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA), and meets the high standards of the organization’s International Tutor Certification Program. Upon successful completion of the course and internship, students receive a certificate that documents their specialized training.

The Tutor Training Program consists of two phases:

  • a 20-hour course offered in two 10-hour blocks on two consecutive Saturdays.
  • 29 hours of pre-planned peer and guided tutoring with the Center’s experienced tutors:
  • four (4) hours of tutoring observation
  • ten (10) hours of co-tutoring with an experienced tutor
  • fifteen (15) hours of supervised online and onsite tutoring

The Training Course

In the first ten hours of the course, participants learn the definition of a writing center and the fundamental principles of tutoring. Participants are also introduced to the concept of writing as a process. They discuss learning styles and practice communication and active listening skills by engaging in activities such as scenario-based role-playing, mock consultations, and facilitation questions.

The second ten hours focus on online tutoring and on the training of participants in the use of software and special e-tools, with emphasis on communication and interaction (synchronous and asynchronous). The course also helps participants learn how to work with non-native English speakers.

The final focus is on professional development and the ways in which writing center tutoring can advance career possibilities.

Level I International Tutor Certification

The Writing Center Tutor Training Program is the first of its kind in Europe to be certified by CRLA, with a Level I International Tutor certification. Tutors who achieve this certification can benefit from enhanced job prospects both at educational institutions and in the private sector.

Become a Certified Tutor

The Tutor Training Program is sponsored by Hellenic American University as a free service for enrolled students. Professionals and students from other institutions and universities in Athens who wish to be trained and certified as tutors are also eligible to participate in the program for a fee.

For more information about the program and how to apply, please contact Dr. Vassiliki Kourbani at 2103680993 or Ms. Valentini Andreoula at 2103680992 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.