Transfers and Waivers


Students transferring from another higher education institution may be eligible to transfer up to 60 credits (30 credits for the Associate Degree programs) of undergraduate coursework for courses already successfully completed in another institution with a grade of C- or better. Students applying for admission to the undergraduate programs may also transfer a complete associate degree. Hellenic American University is ultimately responsible for determining the precise number of credits that can be transferred.

If credits are transferred, only the credit (and not the grade) appears on the Hellenic American University transcript. The grades do not transfer and do not become part of the student's GPA. Only grades given by Hellenic American University courses appear on the transcript and count toward the student’s cumulative GPA.

The last 30 credits of the degree program must be earned through studying the Hellenic American University curriculum in order for the student to be awarded an undergraduate baccalaureate degree.


Courses may be waived under certain conditions. Waivers may be awarded for prior experiential learning and/or for credit by examination. When a course is waived, Hellenic American University will determine if credit will be granted (waivers without substitution) or no credit will be granted (waivers with substitution).

Though waivers without substitution are awarded credit, they appear on the University transcript with no grade. No more than 50% of the credits required for a degree can be awarded as waivers. When credit is awarded on the basis of prior experiential or non-collegiate-sponsored learning alone, student learning and achievement are demonstrated to be at least comparable in breadth, depth, and quality to the results of institutionally provided learning experiences.

For more information on waivers, please consult the University catalog.