Transfers and Waivers


Students transferring from another institution may be eligible to transfer some credits of graduate coursework for courses already successfully completed. The University will establish a limit of credits that may be transferred toward graduation requirements for each graduate program. In no case will the number of credits allowed exceed 25% of the total required for graduation for that program. The determination of eligible transfer credits for each student requesting them will be made by the relevant admissions committee for that program.

If credits are transferred or waived, only the credit amount appears on the HAUniv transcript.  The grades do not transfer and do not become part of the student's GPA. Only grades given by HAUniv faculty for Hellenic American University courses appear on the HAUniv transcript and count toward the GPA.


Courses may be waived under certain conditions.  Waivers fall under the responsibility of the Admissions Committee.  When a course is waived, the Admissions Committee shall determine if credit shall be granted (waivers without substitution) or if no credit shall be granted (waivers with substitution).

Waivers WITH Substitution for Professional Experience:

An applicant with at least five years of experience in any professional area in which the University offers a degree may have the first professional course in that major area waived WITH substitution of another course (No credit is awarded for either non-collegiate sponsored instruction or prior experiential learning).

Maximum Credit for Waivers:

In no case may a student have waivers for more than 9 credit hours of coursework for a graduate degree.

Responsibility for Waiver Determination:

The responsibility for determining which courses are eligible for waiver resides solely with the Admissions Committee.  This Committee shall fully document all decisions concerning waivers, including the reasons for judging that the candidate has acquired the relevant competencies for each waived course. This documentation must be forwarded to the Registrar, who will keep it in the student’s official file. The student’s mentor/academic advisor will also be informed of these decisions.