Student Activities, Teams and Clubs

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Student activities, teams and clubs provide students with opportunities to be active citizens in our community and beyond. Comprised of clubs, councils, and sports teams, our offerings are as diverse as our student body. We firmly believe that the process of educating students must extend outside the classroom walls. Our faculty advisors, coaches, and mentors ensure that our students are exposed to well-rounded experiences so that they gain an understanding of different viewpoints, cultures, and opportunities in academic settings and beyond.

Arts Club

The Arts Club is a team of students that seeks to share, spread, and enrich their enthusiasm about the fine arts. It is an open, creative, and resourceful club that promotes partnership, imagination, and creative ideas. The main activities focus on art - related lectures, lessons, and events that are arranged by the club’s members, its president, and respective academic advisors. The club aspires to connect artists and art lovers by encouraging them to embrace their creative sides.

Basketball Team

The Basketball Team followed the Soccer Team’s lead and now serves as the second addition to our athletics program. We play competitive college basketball with players of different backgrounds and playing styles. We compete in the Unileague – a colleges and universities-only league that culminates in a playoff and subsequent championship. Like all our teams, the Basketball Team boasts a diverse roster of students from a variety of different educational and basketball backgrounds. We strive to create a playing environment that's inclusive as well as competitive. The regular season matches occur typically during our Spring Term.

Creative Readers’ Club

The Creative Readers’ Club was created for those who have a love of literature. The group focuses on reading, analyzing, and writing literature during most of their meetings. Each week, a new piece of literature is read and discussed by the group in a casual setting to expose members to different styles of writing and subject matter. The club also combines creative writing into their meetings by encouraging members to bring their own work to share and discuss. The Creative Readers’ Club is open to all members of our school community.

Ice Breaker Club

According to Cambridge Dictionary, an ice breaker is a game or activity that is used to introduce people to each other so that they feel more relaxed together. In the same vein, the Ice Breaker Club gathers members for quality social time in a structured setting. During each meeting, members are introduced to different types of games or activities in order to set a relaxed and comfortable mood for later discussions of various contemporary topics. Overall, the goal of the club is to have a little pause from the day to day bustle of student life and through activities and discussions, be able to gain a clearer view on the bigger picture.

Languages and Culture Club

The Languages & Cultures Club fosters language learning, cultivates a multicultural environment in our community, and shows appreciation for all the different backgrounds and cultures in our school. The club serves as a hub for translation, interpretation, and teaching. Students who are passionate about these subjects will be able to showcase their passion through our different activities.

Marketing Club

The Marketing Club is a team of motivated students that seeks to explore and practice marketing strategies. It is an open, creative and resourceful club that promotes partnership, taking initiative, and executing inventive ideas. The club involves frequently attending and actively partaking in marketing activities arranged by the club’s driven members, consultants, and advisors. The Marketing Club’s core principles are teamwork, determination, and empowerment.

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club is open to all students interested in psychology and who are driven to learn more about the field and other related topics. The club collaborates with NGOs and other community partners to enhance members’ experience in the profession. In addition, it organizes academic and social events where students can learn, network, and socialize with like-minded students and experienced psychology professionals.

Rainbow Alliance Club

The Rainbow Alliance Club was chartered to support our institution’s LGBTQI+ community and its allies. It was created to serve as a safe space of inclusion and affirmative practices, with the intention of maintaining a group where all students can feel free to be themselves. Students who are not members of the LGBTQI+ community are always welcome to join our efforts to foster a supportive and inclusive environment for all. The club’s overall mission is to promote unconditional inclusion and the celebration of all diversity on campus as well as to create a safe point of reference for all.

Soccer Team

The Soccer Team was the institution’s first varsity sport. Made up of players of different backgrounds and playing styles, the Team plays competitive soccer in the Unileague – a colleges and universities-only league that culminates in a playoff and subsequent championship. The regular season matches occur typically during Winterim. The Soccer Team strives to create a playing environment that's inclusive as well as competitive and to foster strong friendships and team spirit on and off the field. We are proud of the strong precedent that the team has set for the expectations of student-athletes at our institution.

The Student Council

The Student Council is a group of students chosen by their peers to represent and promote their interests in a structured setting. Drawing on input and ideas from the student body, the five-member Council presents its recommendations to the Director of Student Affairs and International Programs, who then conveys these proposals to the appropriate decision-making bodies.

Together with the Director, the members of the Student Council also help organize events, such as student get-togethers, movie nights, city walks, and events for international students. In addition, the Council is responsible for leading initiatives such as blood drives and events to raise awareness of issues such as wellness, sexual health, and substance abuse.

Participation in the Student Council is an excellent way for students to develop their leadership skills and learn how to work more effectively in a team. Elections to the Student Council, for which all students are eligible to be candidates, are held each year.

Theater Club

The club provides a pleasurable environment where students meet to learn and experience different aspects of theatre such as acting, character building, costume design, set design, movement, directing, and scriptwriting. The club also increases students’ self-awareness—how they feel and think and move their body—and their ability to understand other people’s emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and bodily sensations so that they can portray a character accurately and better understand others in daily life.

Titan Chronicles

The Titan Chronicles is a collaborative project spearheaded by our Student Council and Student Clubs. The newsletter will share news of upcoming University events, trending topics, and creative works by our students.

HAU Athens Toastmasters

The HAU Athens Toastmasters club accepts members from our school community as well as those not affiliated with our institution. The group is a chartered member of Toastmasters International. Toastmasters is a supportive environment that helps members improve the art of speaking, listening, thinking, and time-management – vital skills that enhance one’s leadership abilities, foster better human understanding, and self-growth.


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A selection of photos from events organized by Hellenic American College student clubs and organizations.