International Athens Studio: A Study-and-Travel Design Course for Architecture, Urban Design and Landscape Architecture Students

Summer 2020

Image by Joshua Cobb-Diamond, former student in the International Design Studio

International Athens Studio offers students an opportunity to live in a history-laden yet vibrant contemporary European city, to design a project in it, and to visit sites of archaeological and architectural interest in the city and elsewhere in Greece.

Download the Athens Studio Summer 2020 Brief and Itinerary (in pdf format)

An immersive outcome-based design studio that challenges preconceptions

The studio project is approached through an archaeology of the present or as a projection into a possible future based on traces discovered in the present. Students work in groups and are assigned an area or spatial transect to explore, map and present. They then write their own brief and design a fragment of the city based on it.

As they immerse themselves in the city, observing and recording traces of urban fabric, stories and topographies, they become aware of how people use and occupy public space and how many places coexist within one physical space. Through this, they construct a different perception of the city than the one they arrived with. At the same time, they are challenged to think in unfamiliar terms about the way they design.

Duration and college credits

The studio is offered to 3rd, 4th and 5th year students each year during the winter intersession and in the summer from July to August, each time with a different theme. It can be taken for credit as a four-week elective course or a six-week semester studio. Credit is awarded by Hellenic American University.


The program is offered in collaboration with and taught by Kalliope Kontozoglou, a Greek architect and educator. She is assisted by Daniela Simon, an Italian-Australian architect.

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Image: Image by Joshua Cobb-Diamond, former student in the International Design Studio