3rd free workshop of B-Cube’s HOW-TO series on how to launch a start-up business using Robotics and AI

Our B-Cube initiative is offering a free workshop on “Launching a start-up business using robotics and AI: successful practices and strategies”. The workshop will be offered by Gerasimos Gerolymatos, Founder & CEO of Gerobo International, a Robotics, Cobotics, AMR’s - Cleaning, Service robots and Drones company. The company provides high-end AI drone security patrolling and custom solutions to shipping, industry, logistics and ho.re.ca sectors.

Mr. Gerolymatos has provided the following abstract of his talk:

[roˈbota] means Work. Robots, cobots, drones, AI, machine learning...Dealing with robotics, artificial intelligence and the latest technologies is a tremendous challenge in today's business. In an ever-changing environment driven by speed, dynamically developing and incrementally applicable technological developments in the context of Smart cities automation, Industry 4.0 & 5.0, 5G technology and IoT, human collaborative interaction is ever increasing. If you want to embark on this 'start-upper' journey, you must have 3 essentials: Drive, Purpose, and 'Product'. How do you get started? What do you want to prepare? Product, platform, or a combination of the two? How will you support yourself financially? What is the team? Who are the potential customers? Where do you want to reach? Let's look into the strategy, along with the path!

The event will be held on Thursday, June 8, 2023, at 18:30, at Hellenic American College (Conference room, 6th floor), 22 Massalias Street, Athens. 

HOW-TO events are coordinated by market experts and faculty members with diverse backgrounds. They’re geared to young innovators and aspiring business individuals who wish to broaden and strengthen their skills and professional profile to succeed in a demanding, competitive work environment. 

B-Cube is an initiative developed by Hellenic American University that offers knowledge, networking, and mentoring resources for innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Who could attend:  

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Technology professionals
  • Undergraduate/graduate students interested in innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Executives from all backgrounds
  • Individuals interested in gaining a 360˚ view of the business world

Language of instruction: Greek

Register through the official event’s page.

Admission is free of charge.

Speaker’s Short Bio: 

Gerasimos Gerolymatos is a business executive with a successful 25-year career in senior roles in marketing, sales and management at Greek and multinational firms in IT and industry. In recent years he has moved into the field of robotics technology. Gerasimos started his career in Greece, at IBM, while he has also worked for Info-Quest, IDC, Vitex, Druckfarben Group, and Gizelis Robotics. He earned his undergraduate degree from London Guildhall University, a master’s degree from North London University and a Professional MBA from Hellenic American University/ He writes frequently on technology and management issues.

Image: 3rd free workshop of B-Cube’s HOW-TO series on how to launch a start-up business using Robotics and AI