The Hellenic American College Robotics Academy is launched!

18 April 2016, 12:00 am

The Robotics AcademyHellenic American College and American Community Schools (ACS) are pleased to announce the launch of Robotics Academy. The Academy, which the two institutions have jointly developed, will offer its first course, Introduction to Robotics, June 21st – July 5th for high-school students. The course will be held at ACS.

Introduction to Robotics is a university-level course that teaches students the fundamentals of creating and programming a robot to interact with its environment and perform basic tasks involving motion, sensor data and decision-making.

After a review of relevant topics in linear algebra and geometry in the context of robotics, students are introduced to mechanical engineering concepts such as motor control, timing sequences and sensor systems. They are taught essential concepts and skills of programming. Both the engineering concepts and programming skills are reinforced as they work in a supervised, hands-on, team-based project.

In this project, students work in teams to build and program a robot. Students develop their project in the framework of the engineering design process—from the analysis of requirements and initial design to implementation and testing. The course concludes with the students’ presentation of their team’s robot.

The course will be led by Dr. George Bravos, Director of Information Technology and Engineering programs at Hellenic American University.