9th Hellenic American University Commencement

4 July 2017, 12:00 am

9th Hellenic American University Commencement

Hellenic American University held its 9th Commencement this Saturday evening, July 1st, at the auditorium of the American Community Schools in Halandri, Athens.

The graduating students of the Class of 2017 were joined by friends, family and distinguished guests, as well as members of the Hellenic American University Board of Trustees and its faculty, staff and executive officers—all told, roughly 600 persons—in celebrating the culmination of their academic journey and the beginning of a new one.

During the ceremony and on behalf of the Board of Trustees and faculty of the University, President Leonidas Phoebus Koskos awarded a Doctorate of Humane Letters to Stavros Ioannis Benos, former Minster of Public Administration and Decentralization, former Mayor of Kalamata and President of the NGO Diazoma. In his citation, President Koskos said that in bestowing this title the University was honoring a man of visionary action whose life demonstrates to others how "with their own hands and heart and mind, they can make something of value for themselves and their community."

Both the Athens and New Hampshire campuses were represented at Commencement, with Alicia Kocinski (MBA '17) delivering an address on behalf of her US classmates. Valedictories were given by Valentini Andreoula (MAAL '17) and Vasiliki Kouroglou (BSPSY '17) from the Athens campus.

The Commencement was also attended by the two very recently elected members of the Board of Trustees: Aristos Doxiadis, a noted business economist, venture capital investor and social commentator and Chris Pappas, a former two-term Representative in the New Hampshire House of Representatives and current member of the New Hampshire Executive Council.

This year's ceremonies were marked by a particularly rich music program. The concert included jazz renditions of popular music, performed by students from the Philippos Nakas Conservatory, with which the University has developed a promising strategic partnership.

Following the ceremony, the new alumni/ae, together with their friends and family, joined other members of the University community for a reception and a chance to share their impressions, summer plans and expectations for the future.

Image: 9th Hellenic American University Commencement