Hellenic American University in the Age of Digital Transformation

16 June 2020, 9:57 am

5th Data Privacy & Protection Conference 2020

Digital technology is transforming the ways we work, communicate and connect, often in ways that are both innovative and disruptive. In the coming weeks, a series of four mini-conferences organized under the auspices of Hellenic American University will investigate trends and challenges presented by such digital transformation in areas of critical importance. The conferences have been organized by netweek magazine, Marketing Week magazine and Banker’s Review Conferences.

"Digital transformation must be a priority for any organization that respects its customers—something which has become more evident today with the COVID-19 crisis. As a University, we responded to this crisis in under forty-eight hours by shifting classes online and thus ensuring we could provide our educational programs without interruption. Given its fields of specialization, the University’s Department of Informatics and Engineering in particular has been an ardent advocate of digital transformation in education but in other sectors as well—which is why we are pleased to participate in quality conferences such as these", states Dr. Filippopoulos, Director of Informatics and Engineering Programs at Hellenic American University.

The University’s support of such initiatives is underscored by the participation of several University faculty members from the Informatics Department who will be presenting at these conferences, sharing their expertise in areas of increasing strategic importance such as cybersecurity, data privacy and protection, AI and blockchain technology. Among the presenters are Dr. Ioannis Filippopoulos, Director of Informatics and Engineering Programs at Hellenic American University, Dr. Dimitris Tolias, Director of e-learning and adjunct faculty members Spiros Christopoulos and Isidoros Monogioudis.

More information on the agenda, speakers and registration procedures for these events can be found on the conference websites:

June 3 & 4, 2020:

IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Conference 2020: Enabling Digital Business in the Cloud Era and in Adverse Conditions

Areas of focus include approaches to IT architecture, leadership and support, cloud and hybrid solutions, cyber securities, automation via cutting-edge technologies, and challenges brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

5th Data Privacy & Protection Conference 2020

June 17 & 18, 2020:

5th Data Privacy & Protection Conference 2020: Regulations, Transparency, Protection, Growth

Issues on data privacy and protection will be highlighted by experts and practitioners from around the world. Methods, policies, practices and innovative solutions that ensure the protection of data and its utilization for business viability and growth will be explored.

June 25 & 26, 2020:

Digital Business Transformation Conference 2020: Disrupt or Get Disrupted

Key areas of discussion include the importance of leadership in supporting and strengthening the digital transformation, cybersecurity and risk management, and choosing appropriate business drivers (CX, platform-based value) and cutting-edge technologies (AI, big data, IoT, robots, blockchain).

Digital business transformation banner

July 7 & 8, 2020:

Payments 360° 2020: The Changing Face of Payments in Normal & Extreme Conditions

Topics of discussion include how markets respond to changes, how new payments are conducted in view of PSD2, and the emergence of Fintechs, especially when faced with critical challenges and conditions such as the coronavirus pandemic, and how these changes can help us prepare for “smart payment services” in similar situations in the future.

Images: 5th Data Privacy & Protection Conference 2020