The first issue of the student newsletter "The Titan Chronicles" is officially out!

9 December 2020, 10:21 am

First issue of the student newsletter "The Titan Chronicles"

We are thrilled to present the first issue of our very own student newsletter, The Titan Chronicles. A collaborative project spearheaded by our student council and student clubs, the newsletter will share news of upcoming University events, trending topics, and creative works by our students.

Congratulations to the Editors' Team (in alphabetical order) for their hard work and commitment: Lisa Mardedaj, Helene Plemmenos, Abby Renieris & Anna Rombotis.

Here is what they shared:

“This is a student-run newsletter curated and edited by four passionate students with our objective being to share creative works, hot topics, personal views, upcoming university events, and student achievements and recognition! Our aim is to foster greater connections with this student initiative. We have been extremely lucky to have a phenomenal team of hardworking ladies with the same vision! We all worked very hard to bring out our first issue and we are incredibly excited for all our upcoming installments. All students and faculty are welcome and encouraged to participate by submitting their own work or presenting a school club’s activities. In the near future, we plan to have our own website where all issues can be saved and shared. Stay tuned!”

Download the first issue of the student newsletter The Titan Chronicles.

Image: First issue of the student newsletter The Titan Chronicles